• 06.10.16

Coming soon to mainstream: sex robots (because women need further dehumanizing?)

A British artificial intelligence scientist says sex robots will likely become mainstream products within 10 years—and we should be concerned.

“I do worry about people bonding and possibly having a relationship what is essentially a box full of computers,” said University of Sheffield Professor Noel Sharkey at the Cheltenham Science Festival, The Telegraph reports. “What if it’s your first time—your first sexual experience?

“What are you going to think of the opposite sex then?”

In truth, sex robots are already here. For nearly $10,000, you can get freaky with Roxxxy or Rocky, customizable talking robots from True Companion. As Sharkey suggests, more are on the way.  Earlier this year, a man in Hong Kong built a talking robot that looked eerily like Scarlett Johansson.

While sex robots are funny (haha!), they could also pose a danger.  Victims of sexual assault and rape cases already have a difficult time in court convincing juries that it’s not okay under any circumstance to have sex with someone who is incapacitated (see here). If people are spending their early sexual experiences with human-looking robots, will they know how interact respectfully in future, actual-human sexual encounters?RR