• 06.07.16

How do you feel about ad-free print magazines?

Starting with its July issue, Prevention magazine will not have advertisements. 

Maria Rodale, CEO and chairwoman of the magazine’s publishing company, explained to the New York Times that this decision was a financial calculation. Prevention is directed at women over 40, which is not as attractive to advertisers as millennials. Ultimately, removing the ads actually cuts Prevention’s operating expenses by more than 50%.

The savings will come in part because the magazine will no longer have to maintain a certain circulation level—a number very important to advertisers—which can result in magazines doing things like printing many copies of issues and offering steep discounts or giving them away free. Prevention has also cut its print sales staff.

On the other hand, the loss of ad revenue means that the price of the magazine will have to go up; subscriptions will double from $24 to $48. 

It’s a groundbreaking case study for the magazine industry.