• 06.06.16

Uber updates its app with drivers in mind

Uber is often at odds with the very population that drives its business. To assuage resentment, the company announced a series of new features for its drivers today. Among the new features:

• A product tested earlier this year in San Francisco, called “instant pay,” allows drivers to replenish an Uber-provided debit card with their cash earnings whenever they want.

• Drivers can pause an influx of ride requests to take a break, as well as locate riders while en route to a certain destination.

• Drivers will now get paid for waiting on riders that take more than two minutes to hop in the car.

• Uber is adding more physical locations where drivers can get in-person assistance from Uber staffers. 

The app updates may not be enough to soothe riled drivers. For instance, Uber runs a car-leasing program for drivers with bad credit that the Motley Fool recently likened to predatory payday loans. The company’s penchant for slashing fares to beat out the competition also does a disservice to drivers by reducing their earnings—a fact they’re keenly aware of.  RR