• 06.01.16

Google dominates NYT wedding announcements

As everyone knows (or should know), the wedding announcements section in the New York Times is the ultimate signifier of social status. (Needless to say, my wedding was ignored.) When the Times started featuring interracial couples and gay couples, that development made international headlines. To crunch the numbers on which types of people are given the stamp of approval, features an easy way to chart the occurrence of certain key words (employers, alma maters, etc.) in the 63,000 weddings that have been featured in the section going back to 1981. Among the highlights:

• Most couples meet through school (especially Harvard) or a mutual friend, with only 12% meeting online.

• Of those who met online, almost 40% hooked up via OkCupid, followed by and JDate.

• Pro tip: If you want your coupling to be featured, make sure that your eyebrows are on the same level in the damn photo!

Google recently surpassed Goldman Sachs in mentions—as well as far outranking other tech giants, including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter.