• 06.01.16

Fitness tracker, meet mental health tracker

Fitness trackers are old hat. Wearable tech company Vinaya thinks that what the world really needs is a device that tracks your emotional and mental health

It’s just launched Zenta, a device that will identify cues such as heart rate, perspiration and temperature, cross-referencing them with your smartphone data. It’s goal is to decode stress triggers that might impact your productivity, sleep, happiness and even fertility. Kate Unsworth, founder and CEO told Fast Company

“Our technology is able to use advanced pattern recognition techniques to understand cause and effect in your life. Once your profile is accurate enough, we begin to use predictive analytics to understand how these patterns will map out over time.”

The fertility tracking is particularly interesting. Twelve percent of women today have been trying to get pregnant for over 1 year, missing their small window to conceive every month. Unsworth says that the device will track obvious things, like temperature to identify ovulation days, but it is also trying to explore how technology can take cues from things like mood and sleep patterns to create a more accurate personalized fertility schedule. 

The device is still in production, but it is available for pre-oder via Indiegogo. Unsworth says the company hopes to start shipping early next year. 

[Image via Vinaya]