• 06.01.16

Elon Musk confesses the stupid things Tesla has done

Musk made the confessions during Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting yesterday, reports Fortune. Among them:

• Musk said Tesla had “no idea what we are doing” and was “completely clueless” when they started building the company 13 years ago.

• When the company has made mistakes, it’s because they were being “foolish or stupid” and not because they had evil motivations. “We say the things that we believe even when sometimes those things are delusional.”

• The creation of Tesla was based on some false principles, which “turned out to be staggeringly dumb,” including trying to use an analog drivetrain for an electric car.

• The Tesla Roadster had serious problems because the company made it from a hodgepodge of parts from various vendors.

• Tesla originally tried to buy its battery packs in Thailand from a company that made barbecues.MG