Should women have a “work uniform”?

This week a column by Vanessa Friedman in the New York Times sparked debate about whether women should be made to adopt office dress codes. She concludes that office uniforms are being slowly but surely relegated to the dustbin of history.

Tory Hoen, who works for a clothing company we’ve profiled called M.M. LaFleur, makes the case in Fortune that the work uniform has a valuable place in women’s lives. She argues that there are many industries — like law, politics and finance — where professional dress codes are still very relevant. Perhaps more importantly, many women appreciate these clothing guidelines, because they want to dress, “simply and efficiently (the way men traditionally have) so that they can get on with their actual work”.
[Image: M.M.LaFleur]

What do you think about this dust-up? Do you believe that the workplace should be a place to dress casually and express yourself through clothing? Or do you find a work uniform valuable? Let me know at