Just how bad is Twitter’s harassment problem? Well . . . 

Here’s a piece of news that is wholly unsurprising: Twitter has a huge harassment problem.

This comes via a Washington Post article with a headline that says it all: “Every 10 Seconds, Someone On Twitter Calls A Woman A ‘Slut’ Or ‘Whore.'” 

The piece cites recent data from the think tank Demos, which analyzed how many times words like “slut” and “whore” were tweeted. 

Twitter for its part is aware of the problem, and has pledged to crack down on harassing accounts. Last month it introduced a new feature that allowed users to report multiple abusive tweets in one report. And last night at its annual stockholder meeting, it pledged to work even harder to keep its users safe. Yet other than the new report feature, no safety plans have been unveiled. 

So now we wait for Twitter to really step up to this harassment problem . . .CGW