Aziz Ansari, Constance Wu, and others speak out for Asian-American visibility in Hollywood

To complement the utter awesomeness that is #StarringJohnCho and #StarringConstanceWu, Asian-American actors including Aziz Ansari, Constance Wu, BD Wong, and Daniel Dae Kim spoke to the New York Times about the increasingly vocal fight for diversity and visibility of Asian-Americans in Hollywood. 

“There’s an age-old stereotypical notion that Asian-American people don’t speak up,” Mr. Wong said. But “we’re really getting into people’s faces about it.”

“The mainstream Hollywood thinking still seems to be that movies and stories about straight white people are universal, and that anyone else is more niche,” Mr. Ansari wrote in an email. “It’s just not true. I’ve been watching characters with middle-age white-guy problems since I was a small Indian boy.”

“Everyone seems to be becoming slowly aware of how overwhelmingly white everything is,” Mr. Ansari said. “It’s almost like the whole system is slowly being shamed into diversity, but it’s moving at a snail’s pace.” He added: “Just look at the movie posters you see. It’s all white people.”

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