Jack Dorsey says Twitter will take time to fix

In a wide-ranging interview, Dorsey told the BBC that Twitter’s turn-around is going to take some time. “We’re making progress,” he said. “That’s going very well, but you know, things take time to change.” Other topics Dorsey touched on include:

Twitter’s new character-limit-free media attachments:

“We’re not giving up on Twitter being in the moment. That concept of brevity, that concept of speed. Being able to just think of something and put it out to the world.”

Online abuse:

“I don’t think the negativity and the abuse and harassment is unique to Twitter. I think it’s an industry-wide, internet-wide issue that we all need to solve. And we did make it a priority for the company.”

A potential sale of Twitter:

“We’re focused on making Twitter amazing and making something people want to use every single day. We are an independent company and we’re thriving and we want to continue to build that.”