On the urban legend that Marissa Mayer is a cupcake freak

In Part I of our ongoing coverage of Variety‘s big story on Marissa Mayer and Yahoo, Ainsley O’Connell said that the famously fashion-conscious Mayer would never wear the suit she’s depicted in on the magazine’s cover.  In Part II, our colleague Cale Weissman reported on Yahoo’s cryptic (but clearly unhappy) comment on the cover art.

And now I’m here to tell you that another piece of art accompanying the story—a Last Supper-esque scene showing Mayer with a single cupcake in front of her—is apparently based on the common misperception that she’s a cupcake fanatic.

When I interviewed Mayer last year for our own Yahoo cover story, she set the record straight

I said I valued that I’m really good at spotting trends. And [the reporter] said, ‘Well what’s the next trend?’ I was like, ‘Cupcakes!’ And then cupcakes did explode as a business, so I was right. But then it got watered down into just, ‘She must like them a lot.’

(For the record, Mayer, when I chatted with her, did have a snack on hand: a tiny tub of blueberries.) HM