What’s with Yahoo’s cryptic response to Variety’s Marissa Mayer crucifixion cover?

Variety has new cover story about Yahoo, and the cover image is quite a doozy! The front and center image is a drawing of Marissa Mayer holding up a large wooden “Y,” that looks disturbingly like a cross.  So Mayer is Jesus, I guess? The headline reads “The end is nigh.”

If that isn’t weird enough, Yahoo issued a similarly cryptic response to the headline. The company said “Running that cover illustration is Variety’s own burden to bear.”

What the hey does that mean?

Is it a cry for help? A promise? A threat? Perhaps, and just perhaps, this message wasn’t really meant for us. Now imagine for a second that you’re a behemoth company whose woes are always broadcast in the business headlines. The Variety story, which just went live, talks about Yahoo’s overall business problems and numerous quotes from analysts and anonymous sources. 

But, notice this: the reporter had access to Yahoo’s media team. It’s as if Yahoo gave some access to Variety and then got. . . dare I say. . . stabbed in the back by bombastic cover.

Now, look at that cryptic statement and imagine it’s zeroed right at a specific someone atVariety. Just a thought.

Who knows! Media’s a tough business, kid! CGW