Pebble is back with new products, once again on Kickstarter

Back in 2012, the smartwatch pioneer set a Kickstarter record with its first watch. More recently, it’s recalibrated its strategy for the Apple Watch era, saying that it would emphasize health and fitness-related features. Now it’s announcing three new devices—and once again, it’s launching them as Kickstarter projects.

 Pebble Core ($69), the company’s first gadget outside the smartwatch domain, lets runners leave their phone at home and track their pace and distance, stream Spotify music, and send SOS alerts. It has built-in GPS and 3G connectivity.

• Pebble 2 ($99) is an upgrade to the original Pebble watch with sleep monitoring and a heart-rate tracker.

• Pebble Time 2 ($169) improves on last year’s Pebble Time with a heart-rate monitor and a bigger, higher-res screen.

All three devices are available via one Kickstarter campaign, which has already blown way past its stated $1 million goal.