“Nude” underwear is mostly designed for white people

But today, underwear brand Naja is launching a new line called Nude for All, which includes seven different shades of nude to be more racially inclusive. (Women of color, rejoice!)

Naja’s founder, Catalina Girald, was inspired to create this range after watching African-American gymnast Gabby Douglas compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics wearing a “nude” ankle wrap that didn’t match her skin tone.

The brand needed to innovate its supply chain to make this happen. While factories often require companies to put in orders of 10,000 units and a yearlong wait time, Naja is able to order 200 units of each design that can be produced in one month. According to Girald:

That is exponentially faster and more efficient than any other lingerie company, it’s the first time that the industry can produce this many shades in one style of product cost-effectively and efficiently.

This is another example of an e-commerce company changing the underwear landscape. Here’s our in-depth story about how underwear startups are giving Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein a run for their money. ES