• 05.19.16

This early Facebooker wrote a darkly funny description of how health care really works 

This is as good a description as I’ve seen of our dysfunctional health care system, written by early Facebook employee and Mozilla Firefox co-founder Blake Ross. It’s also funny and tragic at the same time. Ross on the process of determining if your doctor is “in network”

3. Determine what kind of insurance you carry. This can be one of: Blue Shield; Blue Cross; Blue Cross (pronounced Blué Cross); Blue Shield Blue Cross; Blue Cross Blue Shield; Blake Ross Brooke Shields; or Blue’s Clues.
4. If your insurance card contains the letters “HMO”, die of your condition at a pace of your choosing.
5. Find a doctor that’s in your network. This is roughly the equivalent of trying to figure out where to stream the basketball game when you don’t have cable. You will ultimately find yourself trapped in a Romanian pop-up ad, scared and alone.

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