• 05.17.16

Just when Darth Vader thinks he’s out, he’s pulled back in

Count Darth Vader and his heavy breathing as unable to avoid getting involved in this whole Star Wars reboot thing.

According to DigitalSpy, Luke’s (and Leia’s) father will be in the first Star Wars spin-off, Rogue One, answering a “burning question that’s been circling” the forthcoming film.

“Vader sits front and centre in the pages from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story—The Official Visual Story Guide,” DigitalSpy writes. 

People had been buzzing about whether the Dark Lord of the Sith would be in the movie since he appeared in a trailer, and particularly because the events of the film take place more or less around the same time as the original Star Wars, but until now, no proof. Now: apparent proof. 

[Image: Lucasfilm]DT