• 05.17.16

The end of code? Not so fast

Wired’s latest cover story has a lofty title: “The End Of Code.”

The lengthy feature maps the evolution of technology and computing, and makes the claim that coding as we know it will likely come to an end, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, which trains computers to do the heavy lifting. Jason Tanz writes, “Our machines are starting to speak a different language now, one that even the best coders can’t fully understand. “

New York Magazine‘s Brian Feldman brings up an important point, however. In his estimation, this doesn’t actually mean that coding is done for, just that the people and companies wiring these smart machines will become even more revered than coding and developer culture is now. He writes:

Who constructs and maintains these supposedly revolutionary neural networks? The answer is developers and engineers—people who possess the sort of specialized computer know-how that Wired argues will soon be a thing of the past. That’s not eradicating code as we know it; that’s sending it one level deeper into bureaucratic obfuscation.

In short, coding is, and will be, alive and well.CGW