• 05.17.16

These Special Forces vets must do a yearlong unpaid internship to prep for new role catching child predators

Homeland Security is launching a new program designed to catch people who are preying on kids on the Internet. It is called H.E.R.O.: Human Exploration Rescue Operatives.

The agency is recruiting Special Forces vets who come with a relevant  skills, then train them in high-tech computer forensics. 

Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Matthew Etre tells 7 News:

They come with a very specific skill set and attention to detail…They know how to go after the bad guys.

However, they must commit to a yearlong unpaid internship before they can be eligible for a full-time job. This seems like an unreasonably long time to be without income, especially since many of these vets are already managing high medical expenses from serious combat injuries. ES