• 05.16.16

Tech fund bros get into vicious feud amid accusations of “bullying” and hidden cameras

It sounds like a scene straight out HBO’s Silicon Valley but this ugly lawsuit involving the cofounders of Xfund, a venture capital firm that has invested in startups like 23andMe, is all too real. Hugo Van Vuuren filed a complaint against former partner Patrick S. Chung and the fund on Friday in Santa Clara Superior Court, full of accusations of bullying, schoolyard tactics, use of a hidden camera to surreptitiously record meetings, and spreading false rumors of drug use. A spokesperson for the fund told the New York Times that the allegations are “bewildering,” adding that Van Vuuren was a “signed counterparty to all the fund formation documents.”

These are just some of Chung’s alleged putdowns delivered in emails to Van Vuuren, according to the complaint:

 • “Spiteful moron”

• “Worth more to [Chung] dead than alive once we key-man insurance.”

• “You are a moron”

• You are “unworthy and shame” Harvard [which they both attended]

• “It is like working with a retarded person”

• “I will go with full-on hate”

Here is the relevant portion of the complaint: