• 05.16.16

Amazon will soon sell its own line of branded groceries

Among Amazon’s reported grocery offerings will be its own branded nuts, spices, tea, coffee, cooking oils, baby food, and vitamins, among other perishables, reports the Wall Street Journal. Amazon will also begin selling its own branded nonperishables, such as laundry detergent. But not just anyone will be able to order the private label groceries. The Journal says you’ll need to be a member of Amazon Prime to order them. The company will not sell its private label groceries and nonperishables under the “Amazon” brand, however. The company instead is rolling out new brand names for different categories:

• “Happy Belly” brand: Food stuffs including trail mix, nuts, tea, coffee, and cooking oil

• “Wickedly Prime” brand: Snack foods

• “Presto!” brand: Household items like laundry detergent

• “Mama Bear” brand: Baby items including baby food and diapersMG