Stories to read this weekend

• The Tampa Bay Times did a great job of data journalism, looking at how Walmarts in the region are overworking local police forces there. – Kim Lightbody, “Walmart: Thousand of police calls. You paid the bill”

• This is long but good (if you’re interested in the gnarly intersection of science and business). – Cale Weissman, “A Big-time Neuroscientist Threatened to Sue When I Asked About His Side Business”

• Really enjoyed this article about treasure hunters looking for Nazi gold in Poland. – Nikita Richardson, “Searching for Nazi Gold” 

• Great deep dive into the complex world of ISIS fighters, hackers and recruiters who use Telegram and Twitter, among many other tools, to spread their hateful propaganda. – Marcus Baram, “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About How ISIS Uses The Internet” 

[Image: Berthe Morisot, Reading, 1873, Cleveland Museum of Art]MB