World Health Organization says 80% of the world’s cities have bad air

That’s based on a study that compared data collected from 795 cities in 67 countries between 2008 and 2013, reports WHO says the bad air quality increases the risk of life threatening illnesses including lung cancer, asthma, and stroke. Among the report’s other findings:

• Urban residents in poor countries are the worst affected, with 98% of the cities in low- and middle-income countries having air quality that fails to meet WHO standards

• In wealthier countries, 56% of the cities have air quality that fails to meet WHO standards

• The study found air quality improving in richer regions like Europe and North America and deteriorating in the Middle East and southeast Asia

• In a sampling of mega cities, New Delhi was the most polluted, followed by Cairo and Dhaka

• In Europe, Rome had worse air than Berlin, London, and Madrid