Lyft is offering California drivers a new deal to settle lawsuit

The case was brought by drivers who want to be treated as employees and not contractors. Lyft originally offered the 163,000 drivers $12.5 million to settle the suit but the judge rejected that as too small. Now Lyft has upped the offer to $27 million, reports Bloomberg. If the judge agrees:

• The overall average payout per driver would be $141.98

• The 88,000 drivers who worked less than 30 hours would get no more than $42

• The 80 who drove more than 2,000 hours would get at least $5,556

• Lyft can still “deactivate” drivers but only for specific reasons and not just “any reason”

• Lyft will also pay fees stemming from arbitration claims

• Drivers would still be considered contractors and not employeesMG