This app frees Amazon’s Alexa from your home (and makes Siri look lame)

Alexa is tired of being holed up in the confines of your home–And Roger knows it. That’s why the team behind the Roger voice control app is launching an integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice API today, allowing you to control your Amazon Echo (or use Alexa without one) from your phone.

In a first of its kind integration with Alexa, Roger lets you do things like ask Alexa questions, control your smart home gadgets, request an Uber and whatever else–all from your phone, regardless of your location.  Roger, which bills itself as a platform for voice, also integrates with services Slack and Dropbox. 

As Alexa expands to support more and more third party services–And platforms like Roger keep springing up–one has to wonder if Siri will start to feel inadequate. While Siri has added new integrations and improvements over the years, an open API for developers is still nowhere to be found. For now, anyway.