Senate GOP wants to know how Facebook picks trending topics

After a Gizmodo report, contested by Facebook, suggested the company’s news curators sometimes kept right-leaning news out of Facebook’s list of trending topics, Senate Republicans want to know more. 

In a letter–itself reported by Gizmodo–Senate Commerce Committee  Chairman John Thune sought answers to a number of questions on how trending topics get determined and whether conservative topics were, in fact, excluded.

In a statement, Facebook says it has received the inquiry and looks forward to addressing Thune’s questions.

Facebook is deeply committed to being a platform for people and perspectives of all viewpoints. Trending Topics is designed to surface popular conversations–no matter where they fall on the political spectrum–and our guidelines require the review team members to allow all points of view.
We have seen allegations that people did not honor these guidelines.  Although the allegations are anonymous, we take them seriously. We are continuing to investigate whether any violations took place.