Which gig economy companies are the best at protecting your privacy?

Every year, the Electronic Frontier Foundation researches which companies are the best at protecting user data. And the results of this year’s “Who Has Your Back” report may surprise you: Uber and Lyft were ranked the best sharing economy companies. At the bottom of the list: ride-sharing startup Getaround, which received no stars.

Per the report:

Of them, both Uber and Lyft earned credit in all of the categories we examined. We commend these two companies for their transparency around government access requests, commitments to protecting Fourth Amendment rights in relation to user communications and location data, advocacy on the federal level for user privacy, and commitment to providing users with notice about law enforcement requests. These two companies are setting a strong example for other distributed workforce companies. It’s clear that Lyft and Uber are competing on privacy and transparency. In contrast, another ride-sharing company, Getaround, received no stars in this year’s report.