Here’s an antidote to Facebook’s creepy news feed algorithm

Today, a new iPhone app called Clapit launches. It aims to bypass the algorithms on social media platforms that prioritize specific content over others. We know, for instance, that Facebook has used its algorithm to manipulate users’ moods

Clapit works by allowing users to post their own content (photos, videos, gifs) and highlight any other content that they like on the web,  social media and even iTunes. All this goes into a stream that other users can like, or in the app’s parlance, “clap”. The most clapped items begin trending, creating what Clapit’s founder and CEO Paul Bedwell calls a “content democracy.” 

The app hopes to help consolidate social feeds, since users can pick their favorite content from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to add to their Clapit stream.

Clapit’s other innovation is the selfie reaction, allowing you to snap pictures of your smile or sad face, to create your own little emoji-like buttons.