• 05.07.16

Stories to read this weekend

• Yesterday, 23-year-old Haitian-Canadian producer and wunderkind, Kaytranada, released his first full-length album, 99.9%. Not only is it a perfect Friday night album, but it comes from a brilliant, young mind as revealed in this great FADER profile. – Nikita Richardson, Kaytranada Is Reaching 100%

• Lauren Collins’s piece on the possible First Lady is a master class in shade. “Melania Trump’s hobbies, she told People, include Pilates and reading magazines.” – Pavithra Mohan, Who is Melania Trump? 

• How the death of his father set off an inner war in the world’s greatest golfer: This feature is a psychologically rich portrait of Tiger Woods. – Carly Migliori, Cliff Kuang, David Lidsky, The Secret History of Tiger Woods

• In this fascinating conversation, painter Bill Jensen and poet David Hinton touch on creativity, the cosmos, Chinese landscapes, and Eastern philosophy. It’s so illuminative, with this great quote from the ancient Taoists: “You may feel the process of enlightenment if you look at the Milky Way and feel that distant star the same way you feel your elbow, and vice versa.” – Marcus Baram, In Conversation

[Image: The Library of Congress]MB