• 05.03.16

Dude…Stoned yoga is now a thing 

You knew it was coming, especially in California: The inevitable clash of cultures. In one corner, yoga. In the other, pot smoking.

According to the culture blog Blazenfluff, stoned yoga is now very much a thing in Oakland. 

“Folks, I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 20 years and, on Sunday, I attended my very first yoga class,” Rusty Blazenhoff wrote on Blazenfluff. “Not just that, it was an ‘enhanced’ class, enhanced by medical cannabis! I can’t make this stuff up, stoned yoga, people, stoned yoga. California living is the best!”

The sessions are going on at Sweet Leaf Yoga in Oakland. They cost $25 apiece, and are said to be for medical cannabis patients only. 

“There I was, sitting on a yoga mat with a fat spliff placed on it,” Blazenhoff wrote. “The joint, we were told, was filled with Super Solar Haze, an organic Sativa-dominant flower from Native Seed. I took a check of my classmates, all women, of varying ages and all definitely 420-friendly. The stigma around medicating with cannabis seems to be on a sharp decline around here. Not one woman declined having her photo taken, even after I stated that I’d be publishing it online.”DT