Chief Acceleration Officer

Job Titles of the Future: Lloyd Walker


Who: Lloyd Walker
Company: Human Code Inc.
Age: 39
Has held title for: 6 months
Previous title: President of Austin Studios, a division of Human Code


Lloyd Walker sets the pace for innovation at Human Code Inc., a digital-content studio that builds Web sites, computer games, and broadband programming. As the alpha speed freak for its New Business Ventures group, Walker works with a team of “300-plus artists, poets, and engineers” to lead the company into the future.

How do you lead a speed team?

Pragmatic vision. To identify and drive new markets, I need the insight of a leader who is grounded in reality and the creativity of a dreamer who is inspired by wild-eyed imagination.

How do you stay up to speed?

Just-in-time research and development. We constantly formulate and test our product ideas, rather than license an R&D group to run off for a year and return with a packaged solution.

When is the right time to speed up?

We build a credible image of the future through incremental change, create a shared vision, and then our designers and engineers make it real. I don’t have to lead the charge at that point. I just have to get the hell out of the way.