• 05.02.16

The best cities to start a small business may surprise you

Grand Rapids, Michigan, may not seem like a great location for young entrepreneurs, but it should be, per this survey by WalletHub. It’s the second best metropolitan area for startups, according to the site, whose analysts crunched about 16 metrics, from five-year survival rate to office-space affordability to educational attainment of the local labor force. They also came up with some interesting findings:

Miami has the most startups per 100,000 residents (246), which is nearly 12 times more than in Columbus, Georgia, the city with the fewest (21).

• Irvine, California, has the highest percentage of college-educated workforce (65.6%), which is nearly six times higher than in San Bernardino, California, the city with the lowest (11.7%).

In this map, mouse over to see how your city ranks:

Source: WalletHub