• 04.26.16

Here’s how you too can join the 2% (of Twitter users)

An interesting tidbit from Twitter’s earnings report today: only 2% of its users opted out of its algorithmic timeline. I’m a proud member of the 2%, as I think chronological timelines are a much more useful way to browse Twitter’s content. 

But if you scan reactions to this news, you can see that perhaps the reason so few have opted out is because they didn’t know they could: 

Here’s how you can opt out of Twitter’s algorithmic timeline:

 – Go to “Settings”

 – Under the “Accounts” menu, un-mark “Show me the best Tweets first”

 – That’s it! Here’s what the option looks like:

Together, we can make the 2% of Twitter users become the 10% of Twitter users who enjoy their stream in real time.CGW