• 04.26.16

What to expect from Facebook’s Q1 earnings report

As always, analysts have high expectations for Facebook, which will reveal its quarterly earnings on Wednesday afternoon. Nearly four years after going public, Facebook’s stock is still flying high. Here are the things we’re watching for tomorrow: 

• Facebook exceeded expectations last quarter for both overall revenue ($5.8 billion) and mobile ad revenue ($4.5 billion), which accounted for 80% of its total ad dollars. Will the streak continue?

• The company has yet to disclose numbers for Instagram, though the last earnings call indicated the app was responsible for much of its mobile ad growth. But Facebook will certainly talk about Messenger, which keeps drawing users and boasts a new bot-building platform.

• This is Facebook’s first earnings call since the Oculus Rift’s release. Chances are, we won’t get too much intel on sales of the virtual reality headset; the technology is still fumbling its way into the public consciousness. 

Facebook Live has taken off recently, in part because publishers like BuzzFeed are being paid to use it. (BuzzFeed‘s broadcast of an exploding watermelon was Facebook Live’s most-watched outing yet.) But how does Facebook plan to monetize live streaming? PM