• 04.25.16

Apple earnings tomorrow: What to watch

The heady buzz of double-digit iPhone sales growth has passed, and Apple investors are getting used to more modest gains. The hangover’s not so bad. With the coming of the new iPhone 7 in September and sales of the new iPhone SE getting in gear in emerging markets like China, Apple still looks like a very good business–provided it hits the following marks Tuesday: 

• Report between sales of 51-53 million iPhones for the March-ending quarter.

• Hit or exceed the $52-53 billion in revenue analysts are expecting.

• Report respectable iPad sales, and an improvement on the rate of sales slowdown in recent quarters.

Apple will likely warn that revenues for its June-ending quarter will be slightly lower than the $47.3 billion analysts are expecting.

We’ll have the full story after Apple reveals its numbers Tuesday after market close.MS