Stories to read and hear this weekend

“Even though I’m a big fan of Prince‘s music, this piece contained so many endearing (and crazy) tidbits that I didn’t know about him. Highlights: He developed a huge crush on Kim Basinger during the making of Batman (which he recorded the soundtrack for), originally wanted to name Vanity 6 “The Hookers,” and fired Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis as members of The Time.”—J.J. McCorvey, “59 Things U Might Not Know About Prince” from BuzzFeed

ISIS needs IT support. That’s one takeaway from this episode, in which New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi unravels how the Islamic State is using TrueCrypt to communicate, and what that means for our domestic debate about Apple’s encrypted iPhone.”—Noah Robischon, Reply All podcast

“I got chills when reading about this woman’s life.”—Carly Migliori, “What Killed the Bear Lady?” from Outside

“Neil Gabler’s story of his financial insecurity should be a wakeup call to everyone—even people who think they’re doing fine. Unexpected things can happen to your finances in an instant, and our society isn’t interested in helping you when they do.”—Morgan Clendaniel, “The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans” from The Atlantic RP