Amazon excludes same-day delivery in predominately black zip codes

Amazon’s focus on same-day delivery—in some cases same-hour delivery—has helped the company become an all-the-more formidable player in the e-commerce space. But even Goliath has a blind spot. 

According to a new Bloomberg report, Amazon’s Prime Free Same Day offers service in 27 metro areas, but not exactly to every household within those areas. 

In six cities, including historically segregated Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Washington D.C., many black neighborhoods are left out of Amazon’s same-day service offerings, Bloomberg reports. 

CEO Jeff Bezos’s business philosophy has uniformly focused on long-term customer loyalty over short-term profits.  This development would indicate otherwise. The company is citing several reasons for the exclusion, including a lower concentration of customers, locations too distant from distribution centers, and other logistics issues.LD