Don’t expect Netflix to get into VR anytime soon

Everyone’s getting into VR these days—but not Netflix, at least for now. In the company’s first-quarter earnings call with investors on Monday, CEO Reed Hastings addressed a number of issues. Among them were virtual reality and augmented reality.

According to USA Today, Hastings essentially said Netflix has no immediate plans to pursue any projects in either futuristic medium, largely because they don’t involve the kind of screens people use to watch Netflix.

I think it’s mostly going to be an intense gaming format for a couple years. And then everybody hopes that it matures into something that’s lower cost and more ubiquitous. So I don’t think it will have a direct effect on us in the next couple years because I think the center point for VR will be other sorts of things than watching a TV show in a VR headset. I don’t think that will be very popular.