Google wants in on the podcast craze

Eager to nab another slice of listeners’ attention, Google is adding podcasts to its Google Play Music app.  The addition of podcasts to a music app isn’t anything new–Spotify now offers podcasts and Pandora recently experimented by streaming the second season of Serial.  Meanwhile, Google’s biggest and most obvious competitor, Apple, has been in the podcast game longer than anyone. 

For Google Play Music, it’s less about giving people something new and more about ensuring they keep their ears tuned into Google’s app.  This “one stop shop” model for streaming audio has been taking hold since the $10-per month, all-you-can-stream music library has become the norm and competition between streaming audio apps has heated up.

The move probably won’t put a dent in Spotify or Apple Music, but life may start to slowly get harder for developers who build stand-alone podcasting apps like OverCast, Stitcher and Pocket Casts.