Netflix tops 81 million viewers, but can it keep up this growth?

Netflix spent the first months of 2016 climbing past the 80 million subscriber mark, thanks to the continued success of its original programming and international expansion. It added a total of 6.74 million new subscribers worldwide, including 2.3 million in the U.S., for a total of 81.5 million subscribers.

During Q1 2016, Netflix brought in $1.96 billion in revenue (a 24% increase over last year), according to earnings announced today. 

Netflix’s growth is slowing down. Last quarter, it reported a 17 million rise in subscribers after it expanded to 130 new countries. Next quarter, it expects to add only 2 million.

Netflix by the numbers (Q1 2016): 

• Revenue: $1.96 billion (up 24% from last year)
• Subscriber growth: $6.74 million  (2.23 million in U.S.)
• Expected sub growth in Q2: 2.5 million (500,000 in U.S.)
Total subscribers: 81.5 billion JPT