• 04.15.16

The stories we loved this week

To help you ease into the weekend, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite #longreads. So find a quiet spot, pour yourself a glass of wine and savor these great articles. 

Rose Pastore — I so wish I could have played Minecraft as a child. A story in the NYT magazine this week explores “The Minecraft Generation”: kids who are learning to build digital worlds, solve problems using computer systems, and make real their most creative ideas, all inside this imaginative video game.

Cale Weissman — Motherboard came out with “Border Lines,” a wonderful series of longreads about how Mexican immigrants use burner phones to illegally cross the border. One of the most ingenious parts of the project is that the site aggregated itself to synthesize the long reporting.

David Lidsky — A compelling look at how NPR has shed a ton of talent who are now looking to replace it as the daily listening habit in a digital, on-demand world, while the media organization remains trapped by its legacy business model.

Marcus Baram — In “The Untold Story of the Teen Hackers Who Transformed the Early Internet,” Gizmodo‘s Matt Novak tracks down the members of the Inner Circle, whose hacking of government networks and corporate email accounts put them on the radar of the FBI.MB