• 04.14.16

The environmental damage caused by fracking is even worse than we thought

It goes way beyond faucets on fire. The true impact of fracking on the water, land, climate, and human health is detailed in “Fracking By the Numbers,” a new report from Environment America Research & Policy Center. At least 137,000 fracking wells have been drilled or permitted in more than 20 states since 2005. Here are some of the lowlights:

• An estimated 10 percent of chemicals used in fracking fluid are known to be toxic to humans or aquatic life. 

• There have been at least 260 instances of private well contamination from fracking operations since 2005.

• Methane leaks from fracking caused at least as much climate pollution as 22 coal plants.

• And then there’s the fact that Oklahoma now has an earthquake every day.MC