• 04.13.16

Bibliophiles, Amazon’s upscale $290 Kindle is here

As expected, Amazon has announced the Kindle Oasis—a high-end iteration of its e-reader, the details of which were leaked earlier this week. And that rumored standby battery life of 20 months? The jury’s still out on that, though as Fast Company‘s Harry McCracken reports, the Kindle alone will only have two weeks of battery life due to its reduced size. The case being released alongside the device, however, infuses it with a whopping two months of reading time. 

Here’s Harry with his first impressions of the Kindle Oasis: 

Judging from a bit of hands-on time I had with a Kindle Oasis during a briefing by Amazon executives, the device pushes the Kindle line a bit closer to the original vision that Jeff Bezos articulated back in 2007, which was that a Kindle should disappear in your hands. It looks wonderfully polished. But it’s polished in an idiosyncratic, Amazonian way.

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