advertisement just gave $20 million to 30 nonprofits to build transformative technologies for the disabled

The average grant each of the nonprofits will receive is $750,000 and they’ll use the money to create technologies that address five disability categories: hearing, mobility, cognitive, vision, and communication. The World Health Organization estimates that there are 1 billion people in the world with disabilities. Among the grantees:

• My Human Kit is launching an online platform to connect people in need of prosthetics to low-cost, open-source 3D printed models.

• The Royal National Institute for Blind People is developing smart glasses to help people with sight loss regain their independence and confidence.

• The Center for Discovery is developing an open-source power add-on to quickly convert any manual wheelchair into a power chair.

• The Leprosy Mission Trust India is producing cost-effective custom footwear that allows people with leprosy to maintain the ability to walk.

• APAE Brasil is developing an SMS messaging system to support families who have children with developmental disabilities.

A full list of the 30 companies receiving the grants, and the technologies they will build with the grant money, can be found here.


Image: My Human Kit