• 04.12.16

Stephen Hawking and Yuri Milner team up for 100-million-mph mission to the stars

The “Breakthrough Starshot” project will be led by former NASA AMES Research Center director Peter Worden and will include physicist Stephen Hawking, Russian investor and entrepreneur Yuri Milner, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on its board. The $100 million project aims to:

• Prove that light-propelled nanocrafts traveling at 20% of light speed can be a thing

• Capture planet images and data from Alpha Centauri (our nearest star system, which is 25 trillion miles away) in just 20 years post-launch

• Rely entirely on research that is in the public domain

“Earth is a wonderful place, but it might not last forever,” Hawking said in a statement. “Sooner or later, we must look to the stars. Breakthrough Starshot is a very exciting first step on that journey.”CD