• 04.12.16

Stop telling women how to speak

Public service announcement: There is nothing unprofessional about a woman’s normal speaking voice! Women should not need to change how they talk to be taken seriously or given raises at work. ThinkProgress reporter Natasha Geiling had an extremely appropriate response to a problematic article in Vogue titled “6 Secrets to Negotiating a Raise Like a Boss”:

The Vogue article gets even worse:

[A] study published in NeuroImage, a Journal of Brain Function, found that your boss, regardless of their gender, may interpret a high-pitched female voice differently than a male’s, activating certain regions in the brain that may process information in a gender-discriminatory way. The (somewhat) good news? “You can train [your voice] to be lower,” says Patti Wood, president of Communication Dynamics…


P.S. That’s not even the definition of vocal fryRP