• 04.07.16

3 epic truths from “Silicon Valley” writer Dan Lyons

Veteran journalist Dan Lyons got laid off from Newsweek, and promptly joined a marketing startup called HubSpot. He wrote a book about his experience at the startup, which was part cult and part frat house. Here are 3 of my favorite quotes from his recent appearance on NPR’s Fresh Air

“It’s almost like there should be a meter. And the more someone – or a company – talks about changing the world and being on a mission, the probably less important their stuff really is.”

“We (journalists) sort of see jargon and it makes our skin crawl. And we see it as our mission in life to sort of undo jargon and put it back into English. And in a world of marketing, it’s kind of the opposite.”

“I mean, there were (HubSpot employees who were) literally frat guys who had just left college and, like, just continued for them. And this was like a corporate frat house for them. They could go grab a beer, start hitting the phones, calling people. They’d party, you know, at night and stuff in the kitchen. And there’d be a lot of just life that was very much like a frat house. And people literally had just come from frats and sororities.”

On your way home? The podcast is well worth a listen! CF