• 04.07.16

Mashable just laid off key news staffers to focus on video content

In making this “strategic shift,” the site has let go of executive editor Jim Roberts and at least 12 other editors and reporters, CNNMoney reports. Mashable COO Mike Kriak said the site is “moving away from harder news” and pivoting to cover “entertaining digital culture.” (Some may argue this shift has already been underway.) 

The layoffs seem to be related to CNN parent company Turner Broadcasting’s $15 million investment in Mashable, a partnership that will—surprise, surprise—focus on creating video content.

Plus, according to the New York Times, Mashable founder Pete Cashmore thinks the news is, well, a bit of a snooze: 

The company declined to comment on the specifics of the cuts, but two people with knowledge of the shift, who spoke on condition of anonymity, suggested that the job losses would be to areas Mr. Cashmore described as declining in significance, world news and politics.