The new Tesla Model 3 was just unveiled by Elon Musk

It can be yours for just $35,000 (hey, that’s still tens of thousands of dollars less than its previous models)! Musk says 115,000 orders have already been placed for the 4-door sedan in the past 24 hours, so look out for that continuous glass roof at a supercharging station near you (starting the end of 2017—or maybe later, given Tesla’s history of delayed releases).

• It can go 0-60 mph in 6 seconds (or less)
• It can go at least 215 miles per charge (or more)
• Supercharging comes standard (and by the end of next year, Musk says Tesla will double the number of superchargers to 7,200)
• Fits 5 adults “comfortably”
Autopilot hardware comes standard
• Available in rear-wheel or all-wheel drive
• 15-inch landscape touchscreen (vs. 17-inch portrait touchscreen in the Models S and X)
• Front and rear trunks (like the Model S)
• Eligible for a federal tax credit (read this)
• Musk also claims the car will have a five-star safety rating in every category