• 03.30.16

Microsoft lays out the future of Cortana

Microsoft has big plans for its Cortana intelligent personal assistant platform.

“Human language is like the new UI layer,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said onstage here a the Build 2016 conference in San Francisco. “Intelligence is infused into all of your interactions.”

Nadella said Cortana is becoming smarter every day, and is learning new things from data gathered from apps built using the platform.

Cortana is built natively into Windows but will be available on all Windows devices, Nadella said. It will digest knowledge about the world, your organization, and about you personally.

The company also showed off some specific Cortana improvements that are coming soon. Microsoft says its built Cortana into Outlook. It can, for instance, remind you to do something you committed to do in an email last week.

It can also create calendar events or reminders based on notifications coming in on an Android phone.MS