Road Rules – Rule No. 19

Who: Kathleen Lowney (kathleen1@parent, director of training, ParentWatch
Home Base: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mileage: 70,000 miles a year
Favorite Destination: New Orleans
Don’t Leave Home Without It: Tazo Earl Grey tea

“I’m like most business travelers: Staying at the right hotel is important to me. That means finding one with the right services and a convenient location. But it’s also important to get the right room. Suburban hotels tend to be in sprawling, rather than high-rise, buildings. Whenever I go on long trips, I carry heavy bags, so I try to get a room that’s next to an elevator or stairs. That way, the room is more accessible to me, and if I leave the hotel at the start of a normal workday, I can see who my neighbors are (we road warriors like to look out for one another). Besides, hotels aren’t always all that safe, and if you’re staying at the end of a long hall, you have less of a chance of getting out in case of fire, or of being noticed if you’re getting robbed. People at the front desk don’t always ask about stuff like that, so be specific when you check in.”

“Don’t forget to ask about ‘corporate club class’ rooms. They often go by different names at different hotels, but the idea is always the same: Club class gets you a room on a floor that caters to business travelers. You get breakfast and, in the evening, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. What’s more, when you return to your hotel room after work, you can get to know your fellow travelers. You may even start recognizing other people who frequently take your route.”

“Business travel can be a great experience. Getting the right room makes all the difference in the world.”